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How to use this program

  • Compile
- Select JAR file to convert (Must be a MIDP application).
- Select output directory (Not the main program directory).
- Click Compile button. Finally, check the message box.
  • Test
- Just select JAR file.
- Click Test button. The program will compile the JAR file, then run the output file.
  • Overwrite settings
- Click Settings button.
- Choose the option you want:
+ Do nothing: When you compile, the program will not overwrite the old EXE file and the old runtime library in the output directory.
+ Overwrite all files: When you compile, the program will overwrite the old EXE file and the old runtime library in the output directory.
+ Ask me: When you compile, the program will display a dialog box to ask you to overwrite.
  • Update the compiler and the runtime library
- Click Settings button.
- Make sure that you are connected to the Internet.
- Click Update engine button. The program will download the compiler and the runtime library from Midp2Exe home page, then overwrite the old compiler and the old runtime library.
  • About the program
- Click About button.
  • Exit the program
- Click Exit button.


About Midp2Exe & NHAL Win32 Emulator

(for more information, you can go to Midp2Exe home page)
  • Introduce

Midp2Exe is a tool to convert your MIDP application to Win32 PE format. You can run the midlets just like what the execution files running on Windows platform.

Midp2Exe also supports Most of Nokia UI API so that you can convert your Nokia Mobile Game to the execution file for Windows.

The tool provides a simple way to test and promote your midlet. But tool doesn't support debug function and Unified Emulator Interface (UEI), you can not integrate the tool with your IDE.
  • Features

Midp2Exe features:

1. CLDC 1.0.4 Midp 2.0 (You can visit Sun Microsystems to know more.)
2. 16Bits RGB565 Color Format and 1Bit Transparent Bit & RGB555 for Transparent Image.
3. Keyboard and Pointer (Mouse) Device Input.
4. Most of Nokia UI API simulation.
5. Vibration simulation.
6. Support wave and tone playback.
7. Keyboard remapping for number keys 7,8,9 and 1,2,3.
8. Full screen filter support including soften, emboss, sharpen and so one.
9. Display contrast, bright and alpha level adjustment.
10. Update Frame Rate control.
11. Pause/Resume and Reset control for application.
12. Support OEM Ime Input. You can input character from OEM IME.
  • Extra Features

Extension Feature for Midp2Exe.

1. Support Nokia DirectGraphics object
2. More wave formats supporting including PCM, IMA_ADPCM, GSM610 and ADPCM.
3. Support Nokia RTTL tone music.
4. Support Nokia Sound object.
  • Input Setting

Keyboard and Pointer Setting:

Keypad Num 1 => Key 1
Keypad Num 2 => Key 2
Keypad Num 3 => Key 3
Keypad Num 4 => Key 4
Keypad Num 5 => Key 5
Keypad Num 6 => Key 6
Keypad Num 7 => Key 7
Keypad Num 8 => Key 8
Keypad Num 9 => Key 9
Keypad Num 0 => Key 0
Keypad / => Key #
Keypad * => Key *
F11 => SoftKey 1
F12 => SoftKey 2
Enter => Select Key

Use mouse to select button image to toggle the keystroke.
The select key is located center of arrows pad.
  • How to use?

Midp2Exe usage:

== Kwyshell Midlet2Exe Convert Tool 1.0 ==

-jar Jar File
Input the midlet source filename.

-jad Jad File
Input the midlet description filename.
Jad File is not necessary.
If not assigns a jad file, jar manifest file will be used.

-o or -out Output File
Output filename.
If output file is not assigned,
Compiler uses the same file name as jar file.

-r or -run
Invoke the output file.

-m or -machine
Target device machine code. Default is x86.

-w or -wait (Since 1.3.1)
Wait for output file terminated.

-k or -kill (Since 1.3.1)
If the output file is terminated, kill the target file.

-h or -help
Show this help.


Midp2Exe -jar demo.jar -out demo.exe
Midp2Exe -jar demo.jar -jad demo.jad -o demo.exe
  • Installation

After converting your midlet to execution file. You must download rumtime virtual machine library for the execution file.
Just save the runtime file to the same folder.

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